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CEC.Xianyang Rainbow Photoelectric G8.6 Generation LCD Panel Project started its birth ceremony

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2017  December 25, 2013, we are filled with extremely excited mood ushered in the CEC. Xianyang Rainbow Optoelectronics G8.6 generation LCD panel project first piece of products lit the commissioning ceremony, the ceremony in the Rainbow Optoelectronics Technology Co, Ltd functional conference hall. Present at the ceremony were : secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee / Governor Hu Heping, Chairman of the China Electronic Information Industry Group Rui Xiaowu, Deputy General Manager Yang Jun, and China Electronics General Helper / Rainbow Group Dong zhu Lifeng, secretary of the Xianyang city cpc committee, Yue Liang, Xianyang City mayor Wei Hua, chairman of Rainbow Optoelectronics, Chen Zhongguo, and representatives of clients including Lai Weide, chairman of Skyworth Group board of directors, the representative of the construction party, the equipment representative, the special guest and so on. EDRI, as one of the representatives of the construction party, was invited to participate in this grand event. Entrusted by comrade zhao zhenyuan, chairman of the board of EDRI and his team took part in the activity, a moment that witnessed the historic significance of the project. The lighting ceremony was presided over by wei hua, deputy secretary of the xianyang city cpc committee and mayor of xianyang, and yue liang, deputy general manager of the chinese electronics industry and secretary of the xianyang city cpc committee, delivered a warm speech at the lighting ceremony, chen Zhongguo, chairman of Rainbow Optoelectronic, summarized the construction of the project.


from left to right:chen zhongguo,yang xianwu,hu heping,bing xiaowu,yue liang