On-the-spot Teaching of Party Courses by Comrade Zhao Zhenyuan in Huali Project

Source: 本站 Date Issued: 2018-05-21 Page View: 1000

On May 21, 2018, Zhao Zhenyuan, secretary of EDRI, joined the first process and equipment of the 12-inch Shanghai Huali Advanced Production Line Project after the ceremony, Invited to give a lecture at the project site on a special Party course on the theme "Striving to Practice the Responsibilities and Duties of a Communist Party Member" More than 150 Shanghai Huali, Zhennan Supervision, EDRI, Shanghai Construction Project Site Party Members attended the Lecture by Tang Junjun, General Manager of Shanghai Huali Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Co., Ltd, In his opening speech, he said that today Huali Construction Site welcomed a heavyweight guest, he has many important status, ask him to tell you how to try to fulfill the duties and obligations of a Communist Party member.